Photoblitzing: Ball Hall style!

As someone who loves doing photography, I loved our photoblitz assignment. Being at Mary Washington where there are tons of nifty things to look at and see, I had many places where I could photograph but chose the exterior of Ball Hall, my residence hall. When all was said and done, I took 32 photographs in the 10 minutes that I photoblitzed. I showed some to my cohorts on the Yearbook staff and they are interested in some of the pics for this year’s yearbook.

Since I love doing Journalistic photography, I tend to use lots of odd angles when taking photos.¬†Arguably¬† most of my photos in my photoblitz assignment could be seen as being at odd angles, which I really like, giving a different perspective to the ‘normal’ and ‘everyday’ sights.

Squirrel on the Roof

I thought of the some of the tips from Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft and used them when photoblitzing, in particular with my photo of the squirrel on the roof. I noticed it and thought about being pickier. I waited until I was sure that my camera was in focus before shooting the photo and I love it.

I managed to cull my thirty or so photos down to a set of six to share as the best of my photoblitz. Some of these will end up in my best photos set, some will not.